SCDJC’s Goals

The Sarasota County Democratic Jewish Caucus (SCDJC) is the first local group to address the concerns of Jewish Democrats at a grass-roots level.

Data from our local Jewish Federation reveal that the Sarasota-Manatee area boasts a Jewish population of approximately 25,000. Characteristically, 70% of Jews vote Democratic. Our hope is that the SCDJC will increase that percentage. It is a mitzvah for Jews to vote according to our cherished ideals.

Here are the goals of the Sarasota County Democratic Jewish Caucus.

The SCDJC will:

  • Promote Jewish voices within Sarasota's Democratic Party
  • Provide a forum in which Jewish voters in our area can discuss critical issues with elected officials and candidates
  • Stress Jewish values that concur with Democratic principles and policies
  • Support the election of  Democratic candidates whose values are consistent with ours
  • Combat anti-Semitism in our community
  • Support Israel and work for peace in the Middle East
  • Work to improve the lives of Sarasota County residents
  • Support interfaith relationships to foster understanding and tolerance
  • Serve as a resource for information relating to Judaism and the Democratic Party.