Take Action

There are a number of actions you can take both prior to and during an election:

  • Get involved in the Sarasota County Democratic Jewish Caucus by:
  • Volunteer for the Sarasota Democratic Party (sarasotadems.org) or call 941-330-0400 and/or make a donation.
  • "All politics is local" so know your neighborhood and precinct.
    • Determine your precinct:.Your voter registration card has your precinct number, voting district and polling place. In Sarasota County, go to  www.SarasotaVotes.com and click on Precinct Finder to enter your address or call Sarasota Supervisors of Elections at 941/861-8600. In Manatee County , go to Manatee County Supervisor of Elections www.votemanatee.com 941/741-3823
    • Connect with your Precinct Captain.  Contact Louise Machinist, SCDP Precinct Organization and Development Chair at srqprecinct109@gmail.com. They’ll get you going.
  • Register to Vote  in person or by mail (Be ready for the next election.)
  • Offer to drive the elderly or physically challenged to the polls.
  • Support Democrat candidates who espouse Democratic and Jewish values.
  • Attend rallies and events
  • Condemn racism, bigotry, and hatred
  • Contact your Senators, Representatives, Governor, Legislators
  • Perform Tzedakah / Mitzvah / Tikkun Olam Opportunities (Charitable Giving / Do Good / Perfect or Repair the World)
    • See a list of organizations and websites on the Resources page.